Messenger of the Gods

Chasing the sun through night,
leaving the day behind,
Shikhtu dances in twilight
for ancient illuminate eyes.
Uncovered in the Dresden Codex,
spilling dust to Mayan minds,
the mysterious messenger
of the gods
portends the city of ancient Rome
and races around the sun
faster than any wanderer
stripping its dual selves,
Apollo and Hermes,
away from its iron core.
It’s just a flash,
a flicker for questing eyes,
one of the classical planets
meticulously studied by Kepler
who predicted its transit
across the magnificent sun.
And on that fateful day,
the 7th of November 1631,
after Kepler’s death,
after millennia of absconding
with diurnal dreams,
the black dot was spotted
speeding across our home star,
its surreptitious journey
a secret no more.

Precision of predictions,
perfect Newtonian skies,
the clockwork of the universe
ticked ever forward
but Mercury’s orbit
remained aberrant
and the vision of Vulcan,
the hypothetical planet
providing the missing gravitational tug
evaded every lens in sight.
Enter Einstein,
cosmological genius
refining Newton’s theories
to deepening precision
that perfectly predicted
the placement of Mercury
in its stable orbit
around our sun.
Confirmation of science!
Affirmer of eccentric elliptical tides!
Realization of the great measurer,
the Egyptian deity Thoth!

Speculation slips down craters
and melts under the blazing sun.
The god of knowledge burns
temperatures of 800 degrees Fahrenheit
jammed with negative 250 below,
a confluence of wild temperatures
split by magnetic poles
and slow-motion rotations
that occur thrice
every two Mercurial years.
Mariner 10 photographs
battered hollowed rocky terrain.
MESSENGER slingshots by
several gravitational fields
before deducing craters
in permanent shadow
stocked with ice.
Yes, Mercury
is polarized
by ice.

It’s a gray world
with a super dense
iron core,
its surface stricken
by solar winds
in magnetospheres
whose particles trail away
to the perpetuity of night.
First exhalation of the sun,
full view of the universe
in one grand night,
barely bigger than the moon,
home to the Caloris Basin
in the “Weird Terrain,”
no atmosphere, an exosphere,
and no discernible tilt
enlivening the august poles
with the mysterious matter
of no direct sunlight
in Nabu knows what.


The universe is a hologram

“The universe is a hologram.”
Words stitched to the throats
of leading cosmologists
devoted to the breath
and breadth of pure mathematics.
Dimensions stack themselves
on vibrating superstrings
where quantum physics tunnels
into gravity’s throat
and the emperor
loses his clothes.

First Position

I lift my arms in first position
and I fly…
Over the Oakland neighborhood where I reside.
Into the transient light.

My soul cavorts and careens
like one of the illuminate flies.
It effortlessly rises out of my body
and out of the material world
which ceases to exist beyond the light.

I come in and out of this world
with a soul-sucking view
and my transient body in first position.

It all looks so calm up here:
the humming cars
the ant-sized people
the interactions of matter.
Where is the violence?
Where is the horror?

The light wind blows me around.
It blows me into second position.
Now my body flips and floats
and turns around in the sky.
Now I can see messages in the light.
They are encoded in the particles.
Now I can see the past and the future
the recorded history of time.

Streaks of blood.
That’s what emerges.
Streaks of blood.
Transmitting from the Middle East.
Lost turbans and long knives
bombs with my country’s name
printed on the side.
They are dead.
So am I.

The rational mind interferes.
It attempts to reduce the soul to matter
in a manner that is not reductionist.
I don’t care.
I’m happy just to fly.
Beside the buzzing flies.
Over the plastic ivy and the buds of flowers.
Breathing in the sweetness of matter.
Entranced by the evolving force of life.

The rational mind fades.
But it still obsesses on flying.
On the elegant moss flapping by.
On the oscillating colorful wings V’d on a wire.
A squirrel camoflouges in an attempt to hide.
I return to original position.

Now third position.
My arms and legs spread out
so far
they leave my body.
They spin circles of blood
that no one can see.
My body flops around
like a dead balloon.
It falls over
the unsuspecting people
walking around the oil.
They cannot see it
but they can.
At the same time
a woman walks past
talking to her friend
she stops and screams
but no one can hear
the screams
because she keeps walking
and smiling
but I can hear the screams
as the hemisphere breaks above.

The rational mind wins.
I am no longer flying.
I have returned to human position.

My Credit ‘Tis of Thee

My Credit, ’tis of thee,
Sweet plastic come to me,
Buy me some bling.
Credit for buying shoes!
Credit for dine-out food!
In every storefront who
Does the cha-ching.

My Credit, I love thee,
You buy me everything,
I live rich too.
Cool are your perks and deals,
The money back you steal,
From those who don’t pay bills,
Screw them, you do.

Look: a 3D TV!
The latest Ipad screen,
And smartphone app.
I leased a hybrid car!
I bought a trip to Mars!
I paid to meet the stars,
Shit, I am maxed.

Credit, please do not leave!
Credit, you must help me
Pay my bills off.
Credit, I need thy swipe!
Credit, just one more life!
Oh, I can’t sleep at night,
Credit, my God.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Google

It’s beginning to look a lot like Google
Everywhere you troll
They have the perfect search engine
The best email again
With promotions, updates, forums and social

It’s beginning to look a lot like Google
Ads are everywhere
But the ultimate joy for me
Is Google Maps which is free
And beyond compare

All of your friends on Plus and Groups that do not suck
Is the wish of Serge and Larry
A Drive that educates, a Youtube that relates
Is a fact no longer scary
While fanboys cannot wait
For Google Glasses to marry

It’s beginning to look a lot like Google
Androids are a go
Ask anything to Google Now
It’ll make you say wow!
Never mind it’s inefficient and slow

It’s beginning to look a lot like Google
Soon the stock will soar
Enough for a monopoly
Based on democracy
With free Books for the poor

Google Shopping’s in demand, Wallet will expand,
At least they tell Serge and Larry
A Car that never stops, a Chrome that always talks
Is a hope no longer scary
While fanboys cannot wait
For strong AI to marry

It’s beginning to look a lot like Google
China is in tow
Never mind fascist politics
Google’s still no-evil and slick
To outer space they go for the big show!

e^x and ln(x)

We’re e^x and ln(x)
Two curves that never meet
All our lives we’ve been disparate
Blocked by y=mx+b
Yet on the other side of the line
Lies the inverse of the image
The reflection of the self
That our outputs envision
We’re e^x and ln(x)
Two curves that never meet
All our lives we’ve been disparate
In tandem we are complete.

A Falling Teardrop

I am trapped ]
in a falling tear drop ]
soft hands firmly pressed ]
against phosphorescent glass ]
fragmented rainbow light impinged on deep curves ]
the force of gravity drawing me slowly and inevitably downward ]
the stitch of time contracting sense-perceptions of the common world. ]
I am falling in a tear drop through the colors of this life ]
watching the illusion that particles seamlessly create ]
drifting through an unseen corner of space ]
closing my eyes to three dimensions ]
suspended above the glass ]
flying at last ]