Ancient Egyptian Astronomy

Glowing eyes
follow the rise
of Sirius,
brightest star
portending the sun,
heliacal rising
on the summer solstice
marking the days
when the Nile will flood.
Prediction of heavenly bodies
illuminate day and night,
unity of solar and lunar revolutions
every 1460 years,
enough to return
several times
through Egyptian dynasties
celebrated by magnificent feasts
in honor of the gods,
bright lights
of heaven,
precise patterns
ordering time.
Division of the celestial sphere
into Egyptian constellations.
Worship of lights
suggesting immortality.
Great monuments built
in honor of the sun god
allowing his light
to penetrate the interior
during midwinter times.
Great Pyramids
rise toward the heavens,
their bases perfectly aligned
with the four global corners
with remarkable precision,
open shafts
pointing toward stars
to eject dead Pharaohs
among the gods
where they belong.
Hieroglyphic stars
survive archaeological finds.
Tables of stars translate
heliacal risings.
365 days counted
in twelve months
of three weeks
of ten days
with five days
of endless celebration.
All astronomical predictions
bound by
the rising of the gods
the flooding of the Nile
the powers of the Pharaohs
who watched over
the first civilization
geometrically proceeding
from these lands.
A dream reflected
in the glowing eyes
watching Sirius,
a dream manifested
in the greatest wonder
of the ancient world,
tombs of starlight
pointing toward
the celestial north pole,
the rising and setting
of Ra
inspiring symmetry
where gods, geometry
and limitless minds
conspired to build a future
where predictions persevered
and the heavens reigned.