First Position

I lift my arms in first position
and I fly…
Over the Oakland neighborhood where I reside.
Into the transient light.

My soul cavorts and careens
like one of the illuminate flies.
It effortlessly rises out of my body
and out of the material world
which ceases to exist beyond the light.

I come in and out of this world
with a soul-sucking view
and my transient body in first position.

It all looks so calm up here:
the humming cars
the ant-sized people
the interactions of matter.
Where is the violence?
Where is the horror?

The light wind blows me around.
It blows me into second position.
Now my body flips and floats
and turns around in the sky.
Now I can see messages in the light.
They are encoded in the particles.
Now I can see the past and the future
the recorded history of time.

Streaks of blood.
That’s what emerges.
Streaks of blood.
Transmitting from the Middle East.
Lost turbans and long knives
bombs with my country’s name
printed on the side.
They are dead.
So am I.

The rational mind interferes.
It attempts to reduce the soul to matter
in a manner that is not reductionist.
I don’t care.
I’m happy just to fly.
Beside the buzzing flies.
Over the plastic ivy and the buds of flowers.
Breathing in the sweetness of matter.
Entranced by the evolving force of life.

The rational mind fades.
But it still obsesses on flying.
On the elegant moss flapping by.
On the oscillating colorful wings V’d on a wire.
A squirrel camoflouges in an attempt to hide.
I return to original position.

Now third position.
My arms and legs spread out
so far
they leave my body.
They spin circles of blood
that no one can see.
My body flops around
like a dead balloon.
It falls over
the unsuspecting people
walking around the oil.
They cannot see it
but they can.
At the same time
a woman walks past
talking to her friend
she stops and screams
but no one can hear
the screams
because she keeps walking
and smiling
but I can hear the screams
as the hemisphere breaks above.

The rational mind wins.
I am no longer flying.
I have returned to human position.


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