My Credit ‘Tis of Thee

My Credit, ’tis of thee,
Sweet plastic come to me,
Buy me some bling.
Credit for buying shoes!
Credit for dine-out food!
In every storefront who
Does the cha-ching.

My Credit, I love thee,
You buy me everything,
I live rich too.
Cool are your perks and deals,
The money back you steal,
From those who don’t pay bills,
Screw them, you do.

Look: a 3D TV!
The latest Ipad screen,
And smartphone app.
I leased a hybrid car!
I bought a trip to Mars!
I paid to meet the stars,
Shit, I am maxed.

Credit, please do not leave!
Credit, you must help me
Pay my bills off.
Credit, I need thy swipe!
Credit, just one more life!
Oh, I can’t sleep at night,
Credit, my God.


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