A Blank Canvas

A blank canvas
is filled with the imaginations
of migratory souls
and transient beings
unable to subsist
on society’s dregs.
Breaths of coffee
are hurled at the cotton
while the endless battle
between good and evil
is waged in swelling chests
ready to explode.
The journey of one man
becomes manifest
with one conscious stroke
alighting a path
that will fork
between heroism and salvation.
A lost gust of wind
blows bags of chips
with half-lives far superior
to the greatest architecture
laying shadows on God’s land.
Neon yellow green
illuminates the canvas
triggering memories
of previous lives
stored in gnostic archives.
Demons are pulled
to the bottomless interior
where time unsheathes its swords
in the fight to survive.
Who sings underneath
the roots
of the solitary tree?
What is the source
of artificial light
dominating existence?
The purring of a stray cat
drenched by windy rain
and the loose boards
of an abandoned shed
come undone.
The skies are colored by pollution
and the cries of lost ghosts
are shuttered by civilization’s puppets
promising comfort
on a long sofa

The magnetization
of the canvas
attracts timeless warriors
whose blossoming youth
overcomes the naysayers.
Go to the graves,
where the relics of life
are hidden under
idolatrous stones
besides roses plucked
from natural evolution
by beasts discarded by God.
Star stuff transmits
the same precious metals
to beings of mythology
and cyborgs from the past.
Robots rise in revolt,
the council of elders whisper,
and the ineffable
is sprayed with light
for metallic eyes.
Diadem, jewel, crown
of immensely sharp thorns,
the blood of the chosen one
laced with cocaine
and the transition
is seamlessly made.
Discrete packets
of life
break the fold.
Winged photos fly
to unchartered skies.
A cackle in the fabric,
a break from silent routine,
the guts explode,
intestines droop
in gravitational fields
and pinkish stuff spreads
devouring the merciless
while the ancient chants
and the survivors dance,
circling in a whirling dervish,
around the flamed canvas
from which life’s elixir
finally spills…


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