The First Geometer

The sun of Heraclitus
beats down the Near East,
the first entity worthy of worship,
the bequeather of life, light
and rays that make maize grow.
It rips into my eyes
linking the birth of civilization
to pre-dawn man
to the future’s enhanced eyes.
It infuses everything with heat,
color, visibility, definition, sustenance,
and the unpredictability of sacred weather.
It moves with astonishing regularity,
its motions preordained
by the first Geometer.
It leaves paintings on the sky
drawing millions of awestruck eyes
stopping their busy lives
to look up in wonder.
The only guarantee
written in the Book,
is that the deity,
Ra, Ravi, Utu, Sol,
Horus, Apollo, Inti,
Anyanwu, Malakbel, Xiuhtecuhtli,
Amaterasu, Shamash, Shapash,
will rise again tomorrow.


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