pure light

A blue ocean spills
across the living room floor
carrying a severed head
and her diaphanous body
to the stale grass
where fat black birds
feast for luminous worms
deep in rocks of earth.

Red paper fans out
across the changing sky
inducing cracker jack explosions
whose cylinders of light
contain the faces of lost poets
endlessly reciting novels
for quantum corners.

Purple smears of atmosphere
infiltrate my throat
forcing me to choke up
a monument from ancient times
divested of my gut.

It’s all happening in the sky,
the levity of souls,
the brush of mathematicians,
the never-ending dancers
and the sweetness of deep stars.

Running and jumping and flying,
that is me, no it’s a body,
flung back to earth
by an invisible lash
I can no longer circumvent.

I peer into the blue bowl of soup
where demons yank my eyes,
screams, screams,
death-defying screams
that wake up the senses
and restore pure light.


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