Middle Sky

The stars sleep over the Earth
and the facade of day
relegates madness
to a forgotten corner
where painters erect universes
and conformity dies.
Revolutions transpire
in tethered dreams
where men fly
disaster is common
and paupers rise
from meager beginnings
to convulsions of ecstasy.
An explosion occurs
in Middle Sky
spewing out colors
of unborn selves
and dust from other planets
for star seekers and charlatans
to collect, codify and distribute
for a modest fee.
Sweet routines are interrupted
by statistics.
Doors of death are opened
for the unknown.
Tired waters collect mysteries
and the mermaid rises
for one pair of eyes
at a time.

The Shadows hide in sewers
and suffocate drivers
forcing their minds
to careen off the road.
Guts are stabbed
by long swords of glass
inducing endless vomiting
of processed sugars and fat
as addiction is curbed
but not defeated.
Two animals fuck
and reproduce!
Carcasses are transformed
to blood and juice
and gnarling teeth.
An idea occurs
to forever change the world
that loses its impetus in a notebook
that is recycled
with the other trash.
The birds call the humans,
but the humans don’t respond.
Humans impress each other
with silicon devices
unable to resist
the temptation to play God.
Religion usurps and is usurped by
the magic of Science
and its next of kin
Everyone wants to play.
The shapes, the images,
the sensory perception,
all run their course,
and like the butterfly,
flourish, fly
and die.


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