Agent Orange, from the USA

1962-1971: Operation Ranch Hand
20 million gallons
75 million liters
6,542 spraying missions
12% of South Vietnam
10 million hectares destroyed

C-123 Provider aircraft
2, 4-D
400,000 maimed or killed
500,000 born with birth defects
1 million disabled or with health problems
3 million Vietnamese affected

1977: Vietnam Vets file claims
39,419 apply for disability
486 soldiers compensated
7 chemical companies settle
$180 million outside of court
45% paid by Monsanto
$12,000 maximum per Vietnam Vet
10 years to receive payment
$3700 per widow

2006: 11 peace villages
200,000 Vietnamese victims
$40.8 million from Vietnam government
$22 million from Vietnam Red Cross
$23 million from US foundations, UN agencies, European governments, NGOs
$0 from the U.S. government


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