where men attain sainthood

History has been raped.
Eyes have been ripped
from omniscient sockets
gazing down infinite squares
of space-time continuums
where Janus rides through America
pitting Islam against Christianity,
Christianity against Islam.
St. Simeon Stylites finally falls
from the pillar
where he achieved fame
after 15 years, or is it 37,
subsisting on scraps
that children brought to him on ladders
so that he could remain
in direct union with God.
The Syrian monk
wanted no distractions.
All he cared about
was salvation from God.
Seekers came to him for advice.
The Church admonished him
suspecting a display of pride
so they ordered him down,
but when he complied
they insisted that he remain
on the ruinous pillar.
St. Simeon Stylites,
rarely mentioned among
the Western pantheon of saints,
inciter of the stylites movement
inducing others to rise on pillars
in their quest to be near God.
These Biblical lands,
where men attain sainthood,
where Christians lived in peace
among Muslims for centuries,
where my Orthodox Christian roots
return to the Antioch region,
where St. Paul founded the first churches,
where Jesus underwent his transformation,
where villages still speak the language of Christ,
where the followers of God
breathe and pray
and sacrifice their lives
for the ultimate quest
so readily dismissed
by the devil’s prying eyes
glazing over cameras and microphones
under the idol of temporary gain,
under the guise of morality
and a God who will not return
to false incantations.
Bombing the Biblical Lands,
they want to bomb the Biblical Lands.
More slaughter,
more death,
more aerial supremacy.
And the angels fly toward heaven.
And Syrian stakes surge higher
as the saints weep poisonous tears
over lost madmen
edging closer
to the Final War.


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