Peace is the Way of God

I will never stand for war.
My dignity will not be bought
by agents of death
nor the soul’s highest bidder.
I will never drop bombs
on the people of a country
because their leader is corrupt
and dunks 100,000 heads
in bloody rising rivers.
I will not send robots
to do my fighting for me
or drift in sacred seas
with missiles pointed
at grandma’s homeland.
I do not breathe cowardice
or justify inaction
or meddle with the future
because the shepherd says I should.
Peace does not belong to the hippies
but to the suits of Wall Street
who hide inside skyscrapers
and pay soldiers to fight for them.
“War is Peace,” and “Peace is War,”
Orwell’s absurd declaration
of 20th Century Literature
is now common parlance
and everyone knows
that Big Brother is watching.
I believe in Peace
because Peace is the way of God
and Peace is the only way
that life can sustain, survive and thrive.
The justification for War
is the justification for murder
is the justification for fighting;
it belongs to adolescent minds
vengeful pride
and dangerous leaders
who dress up as God
on hunting trips
in deserts of scarce oil.
Peace is the weapon of Gandhi
the pledge of Dr. Martin Luther King
the promise of religion
before they sell the masses War
with tokens of security and salvation.
We are all going to die,
so why today?
Why with these bombs?
Why by the bloody borders
of the USA?
Oh, didn’t you hear?
Assad used chemical weapons!
Two million refugees have fled!
We will bring Peace with War!
Peace with Peace is catastrophic!
Go now with the saints.
Go now with the prophets.
Go now with the divine instruments of God.
Go save your souls
in the dying name
of Peace.


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