Destruction Begets Destruction

All hail red bullets
slicing apart the mythos
of a calm God-created sky.
All hail the firestorm
of hell chemically erasing
billions of years of
natural evolution.
All hail polluted tears
weeping upon the Earth
as Death is discussed by suits
and signed on dead trees.
All hail the madness of pretenders
ignoring the Seven Sins
riding from the mist
to the heartbeat
that finitely ticks.
All hail the mass of civilization
shitting out another day
of brand new electronics
bigger houses
and 3D TVs.
All hail the binary code
transmitting information
to an edifice of knowledge
that binds the world
to a suffocating leash.
All hail the next World War
prophesied as the last
because men are not slaves
and Destruction begets Destruction.


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