“Please no bombs”

Homeland regifted.
Voices accelerate down
intellectual pathways
to crack Syrian stakes.
Another rejection
by the peacekeeping UN
backs the United States
into a congested corner.
Uncontained voices

The cradle of civilization
topples one war at at time.
Dreams of fig leaves
grape leaves
and pomegranate trees
are displaced by
computer simulations
of war fantasies
where any internet user
can play invasion.
Badass destroyers
lurk in the Mediterranean
spewing death mania.
Half-concerned eyes
leak compliance
to the Commander in Chief.

Chemical weapons in plastic bags
the catch-phrase “unilateral strike”
chasing quotes from death’s agents
while peace printers
rot behind Egyptian bars.
And bombs fly through
journalistic skies,
dropping the endless nightmare
that steals innocent minds.
Another lost dreamer
served by bleeding history
to a terrorist cell
who awakens
to burning God’s
interminable fight.

The flames do not
go out at night.
The effigy
one cell
at a time.
The fragile gift of life
hangs in the scales
of a monumental decision
by Wall Street’s bastard child.
“Please no bombs,”
is all they can muster.

I look into vacant lockers
where the future is fought.
I remember discussions
on living room floors
about sacred Mount Hermon.
Power plays
lack of oversight
white tongues
salivating over oil
and human beings
in the royal chair of God
have left red skulls
where once were flowers
and severed limbs
where once was hope.